Lizzie Ballantyne fell into jewellery making by complete chance. One Christmas Lizzie was given the present of an afternoon watching a jeweller working in his studio. She was completely entranced and asked if he ever gave evening classes. He agreed to do them for three months. However, after the first couple of weeks Lizzie began assembling her own tools and setting up a workshop at home. By the end of the three months Lizzie realised she was going to see her tutor so that she could ask him questions and to use his larger machinery. In the meantime she was reading, checking out the University of YouTube and learning by trial and error. She began to be asked if she could make pieces for friends, including wedding rings and special-occasion pieces. Since then Lizzie has gained a good number of collectors worldwide. She hopes you enjoy her work too.

Her aim is to make jewellery that people can wear and enjoy every day. All the pieces in the shop are hand made. All are solid sterling silver unless otherwise stated in the description. Lizzie enjoys making jewellery that has some weight to it, so that you can feel the comforting heft of a solid piece. Her work is far removed from the lightweight, industrial pieces churned out by machine and available on every High Street.

Lizzie’s particular speciality is square rings. Have you ever tried one? They are unbelievably comfortable and a bit of a conversation starter.

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