Ring Workshops


How many times have you wanted to show your partner/mum/dad how much you love them but struggled to find a way?

Well, look no further. 

During a private workshop with Lizzie Ballantyne, a member of the British Guild of Jewellery Design and the Society of British Jewellers, you’ll not only learn the basic skills of jewellery-making but also immortalise your love with 2 sterling silver rings, made for each other by each other. 

There are two different workshops.  In the 3 hour session Fabrication Workshop Lizzie will teach you how to work directly with silver, a saw and a jeweller’s torch and tools to create a simple band with a polished or hammered finish.  You can also stamp, texture or engrave your ring.

The Hand Carving Workshop is ideal if you want to create a more dynamic design – a ring with strong texture, an organic form or even one that shadows the contours of your engagement ring. This process takes two x 3 hour sessions, the first to carve the ring from hard wax, the second to make a cast into which you’ll pour molten silver and then file, sand and polish your ring.

Included in the price is Lizzie’s undivided attention and personal tuition, 925 sterling silver for your rings*, access to a fully-equipped atelier in the beautiful surroundings of the Languedoc National Park and delicious homemade cake and coffee. 

Fabrication Workshop price per person:  95 euros 

Hand Carving Workshop price per person: 180 euros (These two session can be arranged over a single day with a break for lunch – not included in the fees)

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